Star of David

When I was 19 years old I went to Expo 67, a Category One World's Fair, in Montreal, Canada. While there I kept coming back to a specific Pavilion called Sermons from Science. As a 19 year old I was still trying to figure out the world around me. At that time I did not know if there was a God or not, but I still kept coming back to this pavilion. With my scientific curiosity I was fascinated with the fact that here was a bunch of scientists who also believed in God. On my last visit I filled in a response card, and then came back home to Ireland and forgot about it.   The following year I was contacted by Robin Boles who was an elder in the local Brethren church in Bray. He invited me to a week of films that were being shown in Merrion Hall, Dublin. These films had been produced by the Moody Institute of Science, a division of the Moody Bible Institute, the same organization that had set up the Sermons from Science pavilion in Canada. The films were the same as the live demonstrations that I saw in the pavilion.   I got to know Robin, and his wife, Olive, who witnessed to me for about 6 months before I eventually put my faith in Messiah Yeshua, the God of Israel and the Jewish People.

Response Card