Yeshua has risen

Worship the King of the Universe the God of the Jews

When you walk in fath you are going to make a lot of people angry.   Don't think being faithful to the truth of scripture is going to make you popular.   In fact, it is going to cause people to want to put you to death.   Now that may seem foreign and strange, and possiblly even impossible to you.   But their are many places in this world where if you say, "I am a follower of Jesus of Nazarath.   I belive in the God of Israel, and I worship him and no other Gods, and I live for him."   That is a death sentence.   That was true thousands of years ago, and it is true in many places today.   But before Mesaiah returns, it is going to be the character of the world that we reside in.

We're not saved by behaviour, but being saved by God's grace our behaviour should demostrate a commitment to righteousness and holiness.